Did you know?

That Break bulk cargo

is typically material stacked on pallets and lifted into and out of the hold of a vessel by cranes on the dock or aboard the ship itself?

That Automobiles

are handled at many ports and are usually carried on specialized roll-on/roll-off ships?

Can-to attitude

As a leading ocean freight forwarder with project expertise, Panavia ensures that your heavy, oversize, and difficult-to-handle cargo receives the care it demands. We provide an elevated level of expertise on total transport services to ensure the best possible operational plan for your shipment. These services are personalized to suit your objectives of pre-planning, loading, and discharging your cargo.

We offer consolidation possibilities to have a single-source solution for periodic container shipments. We collect (or receive) seperate orders, store them safely with frequent updates and stuff the container according to the requirements. Our Road Transport department is able to provide logistical support all over Europe to collect from suppliers and deliver the orders to the consolidation warehouse.

Air cargo services


Our project forwarding services:

  • Dry, Secured and clean Storage facilities
  • Freight consulting & management
  • Rate management
  • Packing / Crating
  • Special/Oversized transport
  • Cargo inspection
  • Our references

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    Moving capital equipment means that you have earned the clients trust, it is their most important cargo and it must be done right. For one of our clients we moved a series of new tanks from their supplier in The Netherlands to the USA. Covering all aspects, from rate management to delivery at location, we received a 'job well done'.