Did you know?

Safety regulations

Panavia is a EU Regulated Agent and has a safety advisor for air cargo on staff?


Schiphol has 6 runways and handled only 440 passengers in 1920?

Serious business

Our airfreight staff is known to operate at the speed of the spoken word where each word translates to commitment. Be it odd time, odd size, odd weight or odd place, we know every single shipment might mean the world to someone or supreme priority for a facility. Through our commitment we evoke confidence and reliability among our customers. This is our business in an enviroment driven by absolute trust and sure response.

Airfreight is serious business, our staff is not only trained to organise your freight movements, we also train in security awareness and have a security advisor air cargo on staff. Working according to strict EU procedures enforced by the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, which is part of the Ministry of Security and Justice, we are a proud EU Regulated Agent.

Air cargo services


Our air cargo services:

  • Import, Export and Transit Handling
  • Custom Broker Services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Storage
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sorting Labelling, Distribution
  • Packing / Crating
  • Our references

    Pic 2

    "Can you ship a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to Japan by air cargo?" Challenge accepted! We immediately got to work and were able to swiftly forward this brand new Porsche to it's proud owner in Japan. And because the job was done properly we were also allowed to ship the second and third Porsche for our client. Job well done!